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Can. You can choose to only buy the frame or you can choose to buy your frame with prescripted power.

You can get it from your eyecare practitioner & a little help from us at 013-8000444. It’s easy! 🙂 or you can go any Eye Specialist & get your eyes check up.


Single vision lenses can be used to correct shortsightedness, longsightedness or astigmatism. Mostly for 40 years old & below wearer.


Near Vision means you cannot see things that is close to you clearly.



Yes. We accept all both Visa, MasterCard and E-wallet in our website.


Unfortunately, you cannot get your refund once you cancel an order after the payment is made.



We charge:

  1. RM7 to shipping within Peninsular Malaysia.
  2. RM12 to East Malaysia.
  3. RM130 to Indonesia.
  4. RM55 to Singapore.
If you purchase more than RM100, you will get a FREE SHIPPING in Malaysia!

For estimate of shipping times, please refer to the times below:
Frames/ Contact lens / Sunglasses: 1-3 business days
We will send you an email with Tracking No & Courier Services Companies to track your order status


We will update the delivery status at your account.