ZEISS Anti-Fog Kit




All lenses have to be cleaned regularly because smudges, dirt and germs can accumulate on lens and frame surfaces. Luckily it’s quick and easy to do thanks to the ZEISS range of spectacle cleaning products:

  • ZEISS Lens Wipes are pre-moistened and are ideal for when you’re on the go. Simply open the sachet and use straight away.
  • The ZEISS microfibre cloth is specially designed for cleaning, either with a lens spray or dry.
  • ZEISS Lens Cleaning Spray is an alternative to wipes and should be applied with a microfibre cloth.

If you wear spectacles, you’ll understand how irritating it is when your lenses fog up. Whether you come in from the cold, cook, have a hot drink, play sports or wear a mask – foggy lenses make it difficult to see. There is a solution to the problem – the ZEISS range includes an anti fog spray and cloth for glasses. ZEISS AntiFOG Kit is an effective solution that can keep your lenses fog free for up to 72 hours.

Digital displays such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and watch screens tend to accumulate a lot of fingerprint marks, dirt and grime. As these surfaces are frequently touched, it’s important to include them as part of your cleaning routine. The ZEISS range of cleaning products also includes specially developed cleaning wipes, which work effectively and safely on displays and are easy to use.